Thursday, 1 October 2015

Biafrans long Journey for freedom

For many years now the Nigeria government has tormented the good people of Biafra, by not just denying them their freedom but making sure they are killed everyday in their homeland. A lot of people do not really know what the biafran people are going through in the country called Nigeria. While some are fully aware but they decide to sit and watch. Before I go into the merciless injustice been done to the biafran people, I will like to give us a very brief summary on the Nigeria government.

Nigeria is a country created by the British nation in the year 1914. I won’t go into details, but to discover the real truth on why Nigeria was formed and how they killed biafrans with the help of the British government read- Biafra in History.

Nigeria has committed countless of injustice to the Biafra people since the year 1945 to be exact. They started killing the biafran people from the year 1945 up till now. Biafrans have been waiting patiently all this years to end the evil been done to its people. And why biafrans are being killed every day the whole world stand and watch while they do nothing.

The British government will continue to encourage these evil that is happening in the Nigeria government as long as the Hausa-Fulani are in control. They will make sure that Biafrans never succeed in the quest for their freedom. The Nigeria people themselves are tired of their government because they are used to the same government who continue to lie and deceive them over and over again.

Nigeria is a country that has no law, a lawless country that take law into their own hands. This a country where the government does not care about the well-being of its people and the people in return does not care about their government. The Nigerian government don’t have value for lives of its people, they kill them how and when they want. They steal from them. They deny them their rights as a people. They drain the resources from time to time. These are the kinds of things you will witness in the country called Nigeria.

 A country where the poor are treated like beggars and thieves while the rich are treated as kings and queens.

A country where you need to be connected to someone in power before you can get a job.

A country where their youths has no future. A country that is controlled by old corrupt thieves and child rapists.

A country where they don’t appreciate talents, instead of trying to develop the little talent that is been exhibited by some few they would rather have those talents destroyed, buried and forgotten.

 A country where truth is a taboo. They will kill you for saying the truth but honor you for lying.

A country that has all the resources they need in the world to become an independent and powerful nation yet they are not capable of managing what they have, instead they depend on the help of other nations to survive. What a disgrace!

This is the same country where the law makers and the police are supposed to work together to protect its citizens but instead they are the same people who go about collecting bribes and killing the same people they ought to protect. What a country!

Do you seriously called this a country? Or a Zoo? Well it doesn’t really matter what you call it, the truth will always remain that Nigeria is a country that shouldn’t be in existence. The only people that want Nigeria to keep existing are the same people that has control over everything in Nigeria. Those are the Hausa-Fulani and the British nation.

All they want is to continue with the evil and wickedness they have established. Poverty and suffering has become a part of the Nigerian lives. But among everything that has been happening in Nigeria the most painful thing is that the Nigeria government (which is the Hausa-Fulani) derive their joy and happiness from killing and suffering the biafran people.

They are most happy and joyous when biafrans are been killed everyday by their Nigeria police and the Nigeria navy. This are the same people that open their dirty, stinking mouth to say WE ARE ONE NIGERIA. Nonsense! Absolute nonsense! These are the same people that has been killing and slaughtering the biafran people for years and while some part of the world was fully aware of the injustice been done to the biafran people, they chose to remain quiet. They are still quiet. I do not understand the logic and the idea to force people of different beliefs and ways of life to live together.

Even the British mercenary called Fredrick Lugard who helped create the country now called Nigeria describe the north and south as oil and water that can never mix. So when you know the experiment of creating Nigeria will never work while then did the British government still decide to carry on their plans? That’s just to show you how evil the British government can be. Ever since Nigeria was formed close to 6million biafrans has being killed and they are still getting killed every day in the country called Nigeria. The British government are fully aware of all this but choose to do nothing because they don’t want to see their precious experiment fall apart.

But the truth is, Nigeria has already fallen apart. It’s just a matter of time before it collapses.With everything that has happened to the Biafran people, the biafran people are still strong, patient and courageous. Because they believe that one day will come when they will have their freedom. “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”-Martin Luther king Jr.

The Nigerian government are not diplomatic but uncivilized and undiplomatic. So in other for the Biafran people to get their freedom they also have to act accordingly. Because they have tried the diplomatic way and it didn’t work. It will make sense if the UN can do something about it now before it’s too late. The biafran people are tired of living like slaves and living in fear in a country that hates and detest them so much. If this continue to happen then I guess the Nigeria government should embrace themselves for war. Because that’s what it will come to. You can’t keeping killing the biafran people in their homelands and expect them to sit down and do nothing. It doesn’t work like that, there is a limit the human body can take.

As for the British government, I think they have done enough harm and injustice to the biafran people, by creating this abomination in the first and also aiding the Nigeria government in the killing of the biafran people. So it’s better they stay out of the war that is about to happen between Biafra and Nigeria, because that's what it will come too soon if nothing is done to give the biafran people their freedom in peace. The biafran people has had enough. And ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Biafran and Nigerian civil War In Pictures. (warning Disturbing images)